The menu at Bongo Billy's Salida Café will tempt you with organic salads, homemade soups, creative entrees and fresh-baked goodies. What are you waiting for? This is the place to satisfy those cravings. The kitchen is open from 11 AM to 8 PM, look for our daily specials!
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Soup top
  Served with french bread. Choices vary daily.   3.50
Salads top
  Green leaf   3.75
  Mixed greens, red cabbage, cucumbers. Choice of basil pesto, Italian ,zesty ranch or honey peppercorn. Blue cheese crumbles add .75 Served with french bread.    
  Hummus   3.75
  Garbonzo beans, olive oil, garlic, tahini, tamari, scallions, parsley, lemon & spices. Served with french bread.    
  Tortellini   3.75
  Ricotta cheese tortellini, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts & pesto dressing. Served with french bread.    
  Southwest Black Bean (Naturally low fat)   3.75
  Black beans, pinto beans, corn, tomato, cilantro, lime and spices. Served with chips. Bread available on request.    
Sandwiches top
  Served on french OR multi-grain baguette with chips. Tomatoes add .25    
  Beauty and the Beast 4" 5.95
  Roast beef, dill havarti cheese, tomato,lettuce.& Spicy horseradish sauce 6" 7.25
  Chicken salad sandwich 4" 4.75
  Premium chicken, scallions, parsley, fresh dill & mayo 6" 6.00
  Turkey sandwich 4" 4.75
  Premium smoked turkey, mustard, mayo & lettuce 6" 6.00
  Veggie sandwich 4" 4.00
  Hummus, cucumber, tomato & sprouts *Havarti dill cheese add $.50 6" 5.25
  Tuna salad sandwich 4" 4.50
  Albacore tuna, red bell pepper, celery & mayo 6" 5.75
Combos: Soup, Salad, Sandwich top
  6 inch sandwiches add $1.25 Full Half
  Two SALADS w/ bread 7.00 4.00
  SOUP & SALAD w/ bread 6.50 3.75
  Tuna or Veggie SANDWICH and SOUP OR SALAD w/ chips 7.25 4.75
  Chicken or Turkey SANDWICH and SOUP OR SALAD w/ chips 7.50 4.75
  Beauty & the Beast (Roast Beef SANDWICH and SOUP OR SALAD w/ chips 8.50 5.75
For Small Appetites top
  P.B. & J sandwich   1.75
  Mini-salad   2.00
  6 oz. soup   1.75
  2 inch sandwich   3.00
  Half quesadilla   3.00
From the Grill top
  Grilled Cheeses   5.95
  A blend of provolone, cheddar and jalapeno cream cheeses with grilled onions and roasted red peppers on whole wheat.    
  The "not so classic" Reuben   5.95
  Corned beef or turkey, cole slaw, special Southwest fiesta dressing and provolone cheese grilled on marbled rye bread.    
  Chicken or Hummus Gyro   5.95
  Chicken gyro meat, fresh cucumber and tomato salsa, tzatziki sauce on a grilled pita. Also available as a vegetarian gyro with a scoop of hummus.    
  3 Sisters Quesadilla   5.95
  A large flour tortilla grilled with a combination of cheeses,corn, beans, seasonal squash and tomatoes. Served with chipotle salsa. Add lemon baked chicken for $7.45    
  Just cheeses Quesadilla   5.95
  A blend of jalapeno cream cheese, cheddar and jack cheeses grilled and melted on a large flour tortilla. Add lemon baked chicken for $7.45    
  The Boca Burger   5.95
  A vegetarian "hamburger" grilled to perfection with jalapeno cream cheese, tomato and lettuce on grilled french bread.    
Specialty Salads top
  Salads served with fresh baguette.    
  Chicken Caesar Salad   6.25
  Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, parmesan, roasted chicken and our version of caesar dressing made with sun dried tomato pesto. (Served without chicken at $4.75)    
  Blue Moon Harvest Salad   5.95
  A wonderful combination of sweet and spicy toasted walnuts mixed with dried cranberries on a bed of greens. Finished with blue cheese crumbles and honey.    
  The Gorgeous Greek Salad   5.95
  Romaine lettuce tossed with kalamata olives, garbanzos, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and feta cheese in a lemon vinagrette dressing.    
Baked Goods (Available anytime) top
  Bagels   .93
  Bagel Toppings   .23
  Bars   1.26
  Cookie   1.26
  Muffin   1.50
  Coffee Cake   1.75
  Rolls and Tarts   1.87
  Scone   1.26
  Daily Cake specials   1.26
  Deluxe Cake special   2.50
  Granola with milk   2.75
  Granola with yogurt   3.00
  Fruit Bowl   1.75
Desserts (Available anytime) top
  Apple Raspberry pie   3.00
  Fruit of the Forest pie (rhubarb, apples, mixed berries)   3.00
  Turtle Cheesecake   3.00
  Chocolate "Ecstasy" Cake   3.50
  Ice Cream (by the scoop)   .75
  Flavored Shake   3.25
  Espresso Shake   3.75
  Chai Shake   3.75
  Root Beer Float   2.00
Drinks (Available anytime) top
  Add .15 for paper to-go cups.    
  Happy Hour daily from 4 to 6:30 PM    
  Brewed coffee    
  Regular & Decaffeinated    
  Specialty Espresso Drinks    
  Café au lait, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Café Latté6, Café Mocha, Café Mocha Haze, Café Almond Joy, Café Vienna, Café Milky Way    
  A selection from The Republic of Tea, Oregon Chai, Matté Latté    
  Other Drinks    
  Hot Chocolate, Steamer, Smoothie, Italian Soda, Cider, Milk, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Juices and Sodas.    
  Beer on tap, micro-brew bottled beers & fine wine    
Fresh Roasted Coffee by the Pound (Available anytime) top
  Buy your bulk Bongo Billy's™ High Country Coffees here. All of our coffees are fresh roasted at the Bongo Billy's High Country Roastery in Buena Vista, Arabica beans are used for all of our straights, organics, hand-crafted blends and decafs. Only the freshest and the best for you. Bongo Billy's™ coffees are available in one pound and half pound bags, as whole beans or ground to your specifications.
Add 25¢ for 1/4 pound orders.
Refill your coffee bags for a 25¢ discount.

All menu items available to go. Call ahead for your next picnic or party.
For to-go orders add .25 per order.

Soup - Salads - Sandwiches - Combos - Small Appetites
Grill - Specialty Salads - Baked Goods - Desserts - Drinks - Coffee

Open every day
Sunday-Wednesday    6:30 AM to 9 PM (10 PM - Summer)
Thursday-Saturday    6:30 AM to 11 PM (12 PM - Summer)

300 West Sackett Avenue, Salida, Colorado 81201

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